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No passing partner because of social distancing?
by posted 03/19/2020

Find a Wall (or rebounder) in Stafford County!

Announcing the SLA 5/6A Quarantine Challenge!

What you will need:

1) A wall ball routine, women's lacrosse stick that meets the US Lacrosse Specification (p34), lacrosse balls, goggle (practice like you would play)

2) The SNYPR App for iPhone or Android

4) A Wall

5) Instagram

6) Incentive

Wall Ball Routines

I recommend the following:

- Beginners 15-20 minutes a day with your dominant hand until you can catch and cradle 20 balls in a row, then switch to your non-dominant hand until you can catch and cradle 20 balls in a row.  If time remains, switch hands and continue.

- Intermediate 15-20 minutes a day using the following routine:

  • 40 right-hand passes, catches and cradles
  • 40 left-hand passes, catches and cradles
  • 40 right-hand passes, catches and switch to left hand to throw (can be done with the below)
  • 40 left-hand passes, catches and switch to left hand to throw (can be done with the above)
  • 40 ground balls (aim low on a wall, throw hard, and use proper form to scoop ground ball)

- Advanced 15-20 minutes a day following the intermediate routine and adding the following:

  • Add a fake at the end the cradle for left and right-hand passes
  • Use a sidearm shot when aiming low on the wall for the ground ball
  • End with behind the back (BTB) passes (do your best)

* I will post videos to Instagram periodically throughout the Quarantine Challenge. 


You will need three items:

- A smartphone with the app and an account for the athlete.  There are some verification steps because the athletes are under 13.

- The SLA 5/6A team code for the SNYPR app: 12434

- A contraption to hold the smartphone to the athlete's right arm.  I have experimented with a number of things to keep the phone there 1) cut the leg portion of a tube sock, the wrist portion of an old compression shirt, a New Balance Smartphone (Target) carrier, order the SNYPR sleave.

* Please follow the app and website instruction if you need any help.

The Wall (or rebounder)

- Over the course of the next few days, I will be going around Stafford County and finding you the best walls.  I will post the Google coordinated and pictures of the wall on my Instagram account below.

- A rebounder is a good tool; however, the physics of the rebounder absorbs some force and the ball does not return with the same or near-same acceleration.  Therefore, when available, I would recommend a wall, but if you don't have access get out on the rebounder and get those reps in!

* Bring some music.  It serves as a distraction in theses socially distant times.


- Follow me on Instagram @top_shelf_pb

- In my posts, you will be able to see images and locations of premier wall locations throughout Stafford County

- Share your Quarantine Challenge on Instagram, take a screenshot of your SNYPR activity and post it to Instagram, tag your friends, and use the following @ and #

  • @top_shelf_pb
  • @slalacrosse
  • @snyprlax
  • #quarantinechallenge
  • #watch[athlete'sfirstname]lax
  • #5/6A

- There will be a first, second, and third-place award for the most reps completed between 3/20/2020 and 4/19/2020.  Hopefully, I will be able to hand these out after the first game.

- You will be able to track your progress in the SNYPR app and see your teammates progress

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