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Welcome to the official home of Stafford Lacrosse Association (SLA). SLA is a community based program providing lacrosse opportunities to the youth of Stafford County.  In conjunction with the Stafford County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities (PRCF) we are the official provider of recreational lacrosse in Stafford County.

SLA is a non-profit organization that is committed to the continued growth and expansion of lacrosse in the Stafford County and Quantico areas. SLA is also a member of the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL).

SLA provides programs for boys and girls at all skill levels, from developmental to competitive play.  Players from beginner to experienced are assessed and placed on a team of peers.  The primary lacrosse season starts in February and ends in early June.  SLA also offers additional programs and clinics at other times of the year during the fall and winter. 

E-mail us at  voice message at (540) 308-9217.  

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2020 Spring Refund Policy
SLA Members   The SLA Board met this weekend to review...
SLA Spring Season Update
Stafford Lacrosse Association Members,    As you...
SLA Open Board Positions
The Stafford Lacrosse Association (SLA) is currently seeking to immediately...
Uniforms and Distribution
For Spring 2020, we conducted (3) production runs of uniforms...
2020 Spring Refund Policy

SLA Members


The SLA Board met this weekend to review our financial status, expenses and to finalize the refund policy for the Spring 2020 season.  After completing our review, we have determined the need for an administrative fee of $12.00 per player registration.  As of Monday, March 30th, players/parents may request a refund for this season, and ‘opt out’ of the potential to play in May if the current restrictions are lifted.  We ask that all players ‘opting out’ now request their refund by April 15th.  After that date, it will be assumed that your player wants to play in the shortened season in May/June.   


  • Local Recreation players requesting a refund through April 15th will receive $58 in return ($70 registration fee minus $12 to partially cover SLA expenses)

  • NVYLL players requesting a refund through April 15th will receive $108 in return ($120 registration fee minus $12 to partially cover SLA expenses)

  • Please note for those families that had more than one child registered, the admin fee remains the same ($12) despite the lower registration fees ($20 less than above) for 2nd and 3rd registered children; we have based the fee structure on a per player basis..  


Please request your 2020 season refund by filling out the Refund Request Form.  


Should the shortened season planned for May not be feasible, this refund policy will apply to all players at that time.  But, should we be able to accomplish a shortened season, the SLA Board anticipates that we will provide all remaining players with a partial refund.  That amount (or percentage) will be determined based on the number of players participating in the shortened season and any costs required to conduct that program, all determined in late April and May.


As a reminder, Stafford Lacrosse Association is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization, which does not profit from fees received or retained.  The SLA Board strives to maintain a solid funding base to provide lacrosse programs on an annual basis and have the funds available to cover the required expenses.  If you have specific questions about the refund policy or the Board’s actions, please reach out to , and we will address your concerns.   


Thank you for your patience during the current circumstances.  


Your SLA Board


by posted 03/29/2020
SLA Spring Season Update

Stafford Lacrosse Association Members, 


As you have heard, changes in public services abound this week with additional cancellations and closures due to Governor Northam’s Executive Order, No. 53 which, among other things, bans public gatherings of more than 10 people until a future date that is TBD.  In line with that state-wide order, Stafford County has, on Wednesday, March 25th, extended its closure of public facilities until May 1st.  Further, the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL), in which many of our boys and girls teams participate, has cancelled its entire 2020 season.  


The SLA Board met on March 26th to discuss options.  As a result of those discussions and our strong desire to provide some level of youth lacrosse in Stafford this spring, we have decided to extend our suspension of activities until May 1st in conjunction with the Stafford County public facilities restrictions, rather than opt for a full cancellation of the season at this time.  As such, ALL SLA  ACTIVITIES ARE NOW SUSPENDED THROUGH FRIDAY, MAY 1, 2020.  There will be no practices, games or team activities during this time.


The SLA Board is now busy designing a partial spring program that could commence in May IF life gets back to normal and the above noted restrictions are lifted before then.  This partial program will be open to ALL registered players, including Local Rec and NVYLL players should they choose to wait it out with SLA.  Right now, the basic program would consist of combining our NVYLL and Local Rec age groups, having age group practices up to two days per week with weekend games between evenly divided/skilled teams.  While we don’t have all the details and exact dates/times worked out yet, please know that SLA very much wants to offer our members some semblance of normalcy through lacrosse should the opportunity present itself.  Participating in the partial spring program, should it occur, will still include a partial refund which is TBD at this time.


For those players that DO NOT want to wait to see if we are able to offer this shortened program, you will be able to opt out immediately and request a refund of your registration fees.  The SLA Board is working this weekend to reconcile our current financial status with the expenses that have already been incurred for the 2020 season to determine the level of refund that is possible.  The exact details of that refund program will be announced as soon as possible; we expect early next week. Please know that SLA does have expenses to maintain the Association’s non-profit business operations running throughout the year and the spring season registration fees are the source of nearly 95% of required revenues.  Once we determine the best way to cover the incurred expenses, we will announce the refund process.    


There is nothing for you to do right now; please allow your volunteer Board to conduct its review and determine what is possible for both the partial program and the refund.  We will set up an online form next week for those that want to opt out of the partial spring program and request a refund. That form WILL NOT be available until early next week; please do not email the Board to request a refund until the policy is announced next week.  


Finally, for those families awaiting uniforms that they ordered, many of those have been received by the Program Commissioners, although the final batch order is hung up in production due to the current situation.  Once it is safe to do so, we plan to set up a time to distribute those uniforms to all members that ordered them this season. We’ll have more information out on that event when we can safely schedule something.  


We will provide updates along the way as possible throughout this process.  Thank you for your continued patience.  


Thank you, 

Your SLA Board


by posted 03/26/2020
SLA Open Board Positions

The Stafford Lacrosse Association (SLA) is currently seeking to immediately fill the following open positions on the Board of Directors.  All SLA Board positions are unpaid volunteer positions.  Responsibilities of the Board and all positions are detailed in the SLA By-laws.   

Open Positions: 

  1. President
  2. Boys Program Commissioner  

Please reach out to the Board at stafford.lacrosse@gmail.com with questions or to submit your statement of interest.   

by posted 01/24/2020
Uniforms and Distribution

For Spring 2020, we conducted (3) production runs of uniforms after parents/players ordered their items from Blatant Lacrosse, our uniform supplier.  Those uniforms are now arriving to the SLA Program Commissioners.  Parents/players that ordered items from Blatant Lacrosse will be notified via email and this website as to our distribution plan in the wake of the current shutdown.  Please see the update below:

Uniform Ordering Deadlines:

January 12th:  SLA expects to receive by ​February 14th  (RECEIVED)

February 10th:  SLA expects to receive by March 13th (RECEIVED)

March 1st:  SLA expects to receive by  April 1 (IN PRODUCTION)





Please reach out to the Program Commissioners at: with any questions.  


by posted 01/12/2020
Field Status
Embrey Mill Park #1 - Stafford CLOSED (3/14) 
Embrey Mill Park #2 - Stafford CLOSED (3/13) 
Embrey Mill Park #3 - Stafford CLOSED (3/13) 
Embrey Mill Park #4 - Stafford CLOSED (3/13) 
Embrey Mill Park #7 - Stafford CLOSED (3/13) 
Embrey Mill Park #8 - Stafford CLOSED (3/13) 
HH Poole MS (Back Field) - Stafford CLOSED (3/13) 
HH Poole MS (Front Fld) - Stafford CLOSED (3/13) 
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