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Frequently Asked Questions for the SLA Girls Program


1. When will my daughter practice during the week?

- SLA relies on volunteer coaches who schedule practices around their schedule.  In the pre-season, and before all coaches have been identified, it is difficult to predict when practices will occur during the week.  However, for planning purposes the girls team will practice two to three times a week from Monday to Saturday.  I recommend to coaches that they begin practices at 5:30 pm.  The local recreation teams will only practice or an hour and our league team coaches have the opportunity to practice up to 1.5 hours.

2. Where will my daughter's team practice?

- SLA does not have a home practice facility.  We are now a Stafford County user group making us the recreation lacrosse provider for Stafford County.  As such, we will have an oppotunity to use any field throughout the county; however, we are targeting Embrey Mill as our primary facility.

3. Do I have to purchase a uniform?

- Yes.  Uniform order information will be available in December 2018. 

4. How will my daughter be evaluated for placement on a team?

- All coaches will use the same evaluation criteria.  When your daughter arrives for assessment, she will be assigned a pinnie with a number.  The following table are the criteria of how each athlete is evaluated.

Assessment Criteria
Rt Hand Cradle Left Hand Cradle Passing and Catching Groundballs  1v1 Team Play Athleticism


These are NOT tryouts.  Coaches assess skill level to ensure the athlete is placed on a team comensurate with the athletes skill.  

5. What equipment does my daughter need?

- Your daughter will need a girls or womens' lacrosse stick, a colored mouthguard, and U.S. Lacrosse approved eyewear.

6. Lacrosse is expensive. Does SLA offer scholarships?

- Our mission is to make the sport accessible to all Stafford County Youth.  Please complete the SLA Financial Aid Request Form and contact the commissioners at stafford.lacrosse@gmail.com if you have a desire to participate but lack the resources.

7. I live in Spotsylvania County.  Can my daughter play for SLA?

- It depends.  Since the Spotsylvania County Lacrosse Club and SLA are members of the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League, both clubs have to abide by the leagues operating rules.  We have an outstanding relationship with the SCLC, and I will discuss each situation with the SCLC girls' commisioner.