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Frequently Asked Questions for the SLA Boys Program


1. When will my son practice during the week?

SLA relies on volunteer coaches who schedule practices around their schedule.  In the pre-season, and before all coaches have been identified, it is difficult to predict when practices will occur during the week.  However, for planning purposes during the spring season the boys teams will practice two to three times a week (based on coach preference & availability) from Monday to Friday, with Saturday games.  No practice will be begin prior to 5pm, with most starting at 5:30pm or later.  Please see the program descriptions on the Boys Program page on the menu to the left.

2. Where will my son's team practice?

Based in part on our 2018 Agreement with Stafford County, we are gaining greater access to the facilities of the county.  However, we do not have a single home facility.  Our fields allocations are based on availability as well as the needs of other sports (soccer, flag football, etc.).  In general, we are planning for the artificial turf fields at Embrey Mill Park to serve as our primary facility, although we will certainly utilize other fields (school and park) as needed.

3. Do I have to purchase a uniform?

An SLA uniform is required to play.  Your need to purchase depends on if your son has played with SLA in the past (since Spring 2017) and if his uniform still fits and is in good shape.  If you are new to SLA or need to replace some items, a purchase will be required.  Please see the uniform information section of the Boys Program page on the menu to the left.  Uniform order information is provided when you complete program registration. 

4. How will my son be evaluated for placement on a team?

In the Local Recreation Division, teams will be organized to be as evenly skilled as possible to maintain a fair competitive balance.

For the NVYLL teams, all coaches will use the same evaluation criteria.  The below table outlines the criteria of how each athlete is evaluated for inclusion on an NVYLL team.  Please note: the numbers of NVYLL teams at any age group will depend on the number and skill of the interested players.  Please see the Boys Program page on the menu to the left for more information.  

NVYLL Team Assessment Criteria
Cradling/Ball handling (right & left hand) Passing and Catching (right and left hand) Groundballs(right and left hand)  Shooting (right and left hand) 1v1 skills Team Play (offense & defense) / "Lacrosse IQ" Athleticism


Assessments for our NVYLL Division teams are NOT tryoutsWe have a place for ALL players; all players desiring to play on an NVYLL team will be accomodated within the constraints of available roster sizes.  Coaches assess skill level to ensure the athlete is placed on a team and in a division commensurate with the athlete's skill, and that the team is placed within the proper skill division of this very large league.  Some players not assessed to an NVYLL team will be recommended to play in the Local Recreation division to continue to build their skills for future years.

5. What equipment does my son need?

In all age groups except 6U, your son will need the full set of equipment.  Please the the Equipment Requirements page on the menu to the left for more information.

6. Lacrosse is expensive. Does SLA offer scholarships?

Our mission is to make the sport accessible to all Stafford County youth.  Please complete the SLA Financial Aid Request Form and contact the Boys Program Commissioner at if you have a desire to participate but lack the resources. 

The SLA Boys program also expects to have a limited amount of equipment available for sale and rental to help offset the cost of lacrosse for families needing assistance.  We have started to post available equipment for sale; please see the Equipment Exchange page for more.  As our 2022 equipment loan/rental program is rolled out, we will post more information. Please check back.  

7. I live outside Stafford County.  Can my son play lacrosse with SLA?

In most cases, yes, absolutely.  If your son is signed up for our Local Recreation Division at any age group, there are no restrictions. 

If your son desires to play on one of our teams in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL, a more competitive recreational league for more experienced players) where you live is a factor in his eligibility.  For the counties surrounding Stafford that do not play in this league, including Spotsylvania as well as Fredericksburg City, there are generally no restrictions.  

For the counties surrounding Stafford that do play in this league (Fauquier and Prince William), we have to abide by the league operating rules that require players to play with the club in their area that supports their local high school program.  However, there is a process by which waivers to this rule are possible.  If the latter case applies to you, please reach out to the Boys Program Commissioner ( ) to discuss and determine the needed steps.