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Boys Rental / Loaner program (while supplies last)

  1. Available to 1st year players and those that request financial assistance. 

  2. The rental equipment can be "rent-to-own", if desired

  3. SLA has helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads and gloves available for rentals and financial assistance.  Elbow pads and gloves are very limited in size and quantity

  4. Equipment for rentals and financial assistance is first come, first served

  5. Rental process

    1. ‚ÄčAny equipment will be rented for SLA's cost (what we paid for the equipment, most of which has been obtained at a discount over retail prices) (payment by card or check; cash as necessary)

    2. Prices vary by model, style and piece of equipment

    3. Equipment returned at the end of the season will be credited 50% of the rental rate according to the rental form signed

    4. Equipment not returned to SLA will not receive a refund and will be considered purchased

    5. SLA will re-invest funds received into additional equipment for future rentals