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Stafford Lacrosse Association Coach Incentive Program

Stafford Lacrosse has developed a program to acknowledge and reward our volunteer coaches for their dedication to the youth of Stafford Lacrosse. This program will reward coaches based on a point system as they engage in activities that benefit our players.  For coaches with children paying lacrosse with SLA, this reward program will allow the volunteer coach to receive reduced registration fees in the subsequent season.  For coaches that do not have children playing with SLA, or coaches with children that will age out of youth lacrosse at the end of the current season, the program will provide a gift card in a corresponding amount. Points will be redeemed the following regular lacrosse season.

Before any points can be accumulated, coaches will need to complete the SLA registration and background check requirements as described on the SLA Coaching Requirements page.  Also, the point system does not replace the opportunity for coaches to have other training costs reimbursed by SLA and/or NVYLL (e.g. USL membership cost to take the USL Level 1 Online Course or USL coaching certification clinics/courses).   

Each coach will need to meet a 100-point requirement in order to receive a $25 reduction on their player’s registration for the next regular season lacrosse program. Coaches that achieve a 200-point threshold will receive a $50 reduction.  Lower point totals receive a prorated reduction.

When can I redeem my points?   Points not redeemed in the season following the season in which points are accumulated will expire. Example; Coach Johnson acquires 100 points during the Spring 2019 season. His points will apply toward the Spring 2020 lacrosse season at the latest, with option to apply points toward the Fall season or other SLA events/clinics prior to Spring 2020.  If points are not redeemed during the following spring lacrosse season, the points will expire.

When do I earn Points? Points are earned during the season prior to when the incentive is provided. The window for earning points begins when registration opens and ends at the conclusion of the season. Point requirement documentation must be complete by the last game of the season for which points are accumulated.

What if I do not have children in the program? Coaches who accumulate 100 points but do not have children engaged in the program will be offered a $25 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

What if I get only partial points? Should you not achieve 100 points, the incentive will be based on the percentage of points gained.

Who should I contact for questions? If you have questions, please contact SLA via email at stafford.lacrosse@gmail.com or call 540-308-9217.

The following activities will accrue coaching points:

Returning Coach


If a coach has returned from a previous full season with SLA points will be awarded

Concussion Course Certificate


Coach will follow the link under Coaching tab to the CDC “Heads Up” Concussion Training, complete the training and e-mail the certificate to the appropriate commissioner at: stafford.lacrosse@gmail.com


Abuse Prevention Training Completed

20 Coach must complete the required training such that it is current for the entirety of the season being conducted.  Training takes place through Coach's USA Lacrosse account; SLA will verify online.

USL Level 1 Online Course


Completing the required US Lacrosse Level 1 online course (if not completed in prior seasons)

Coaches Rules Quiz


Coaches can take an online rules quiz to test their knowledge. Forward your certificate to Stafford.lacrosse@gmail.com

USL Lacrosse Coach Certification


Coach will e-mail a copy of their USL Coach certification to the appropriate program commissioner. SLA/NVYLL reimburses for coaching certifications

Additional USL Coaching Education classes


Points will be awarded in the season for each additional USL coaching education course for which a valid certificate is produced to the cognizant program commissioner.  Each course can only be counted 1 time

Attend the SLA Pre-season coaches meeting   


Coaches Meeting is Saturday TBD, 2022

Attend the NVYLL Rules Interpretation meeting


This meeting is mandatory for all NVYLL team coaches.

Serve a season as an Age Group Coordinator or Assistant Commissioner


These are critical positions for the conduct of a season and overall program perspective

No valid complaints or disciplinary action


At the end of season, coaches will be assigned points for a clear record

Maintain a Team Page & accurate practice schedule on the SLA website


Coach must maintain their team web page on www.staffordyouthlacrosse.com and communicate with their team/group with the same

Coach a group in SLA Fall Rec Program 20 Coach an age group during SLA's Fall Rec program
Assist in the Annual Free Beginner Clinic 10 Help deliver the annual beginer clinic to bring the sport to new players
Coach during a joint SLA-FXBG Summer Program 20 Help coach during a group during a summer program, e.g. Summer Camp, Summer "Academy", Summer 7s

Total Coach Points Possible