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Below are the requirements to be completed before the start of any season or program in which you plan to coach.  Please contact the Program Commissioner with questions.

SLA now requires ALL coaches to establish and maintain membership with US Lacrosse, the governing body for the sport.  Your membership brings with it significant benefits, including access to training courses, insurance as well as helps SLA reduce some costs associated with required coach training. 

SLA Coaching Requirements

  1. Establish a current HS Membership with US Lacrosse
    • ​​Visit https://www.uslacrosse.org/membership
    • Membership is good for 1 year, and must be current through the entire SLA season in which you are coaching
    • If you establish this membership for the sole purpose of coaching with SLA, SLA will reimburse the annual cost of the membership at the end of the season (this may be a partial reimbursement if your membership is used for your own play with a club team)
  2. Complete a Coach Registration on SLA Website
    1. Visit http://www.staffordyouthlacrosse.com/Registration
    2. Required annually, good for the entire lacrosse year as defined above
    3. Choose 2020-21 Coach Registration
    4. Choose 2020-21 HS volunteer Coach Registration
    5. You will be required to enter your US Lacrosse membership number
  3. Complete US Lacrosse Level 1 online training course
    1. Required one time only; certificate never expires
    2. Visit  https://www.uslacrosse.org/coaches/coach-development-program/online-courses
    3. US Lacrosse members receive the level 1 online training course for free; 
    4. Complete the Level 1, "Fundamentals of Coaching" course and submit certificate to appropriate SLA Program Commissioner 
    5. Online training course does not expire...good for subsequent season submissions
  4. NVYLLL ONLY: Complete the required Code of Conduct Acknowledgement on the NVYLL Website (spring season only)
    • Only required for those coaches affiliated with teams in this league (not Local Recreation)
    • Required annually for NVYLL team coaches
    • Visit http://www.nvyll.org/Registration
    • Select Coaches Code of Conduct and Coach Certification Survey
    • Register after signing in or creating an account